Woodworkers Dictionary from English to Spanish (WOODIES)

April 13, 2015

Basics necessary for woodworking

Woodworkers Dictionary from English to Spanish

So, since I am moving to Queretaro, Mexico or somewhere in Mexico, because it changes from day to day, I need to brush up on woodworking terminology, but in Spanish. So, how does one do this??? Well, to put it in terms a monkey can understand: you start out with a couple of shots of tequila, mix it with some lime juice and add some ice and wallah you have a recipe for disaster to happen because you forgot to put salt on the rim of the glass. I mean who doesn't want salt on the rim?

Seriously, what started out as a simple project, turned out having some bumps along the road. First, there were the hand tools that I thought I would need to have for my toolbox. Where was I going to find a list of hand tools that one might need to start? After, doing some research I came across a website called Wood and Shop. The site is designated for the traditional woodworker where the use of power tools is not even mentioned that I could find. I have to say a BIG Thanks! to him, because instead of having to search for several hours on different sites, this one gave me what I needed. Secondly, there was power tools, but that turned out to be no problem, because there aren't that many power tools that one would need to put in a shop. Thirdly, I needed to find out what odds and end things like,screws, router bits, glues, paints and types of wood.

So, now that I have a list, now what? I needed to look for a website or useful way to translate them. And that is when I hit a pothole the size of Mount Rainer. First, I tried Google translate. Well, even though it came in handy when I was reading a website and trying to get the gist of what the person was saying, it was not completely reliable when doing a translation for tools in Spanish. So, if Google translate wasn't reliable, then what was???

Well, the answer to that was even more complicated. I knew that Mexico had Home Depot (HD) and Lowes, but what were the local brands that they have? Well as luck would have it, the last time I was there, I discovered what the names of them were. Truper (a Ridgid lookalike), Surtek and Urrea. I know what you are thinking, a slam dunk right? Wrong. So, I pulled up HD and started looking under "Herramientas" which translates over to tools. "Tools" is a simple word in English, but herramientas? What did you just say to me? Exactly! This is just the beginning of Spanish translations that will have anyone scratching their head.

To make things even crazier, I am currently in Colombia, South America, and I was fortunate to get a hold of a catalog of a store that resembles Lowes, in color, but is more like Home Depot in selection. It was a terrific help, but that led to another pothole. I found out that although Colombia speaks Spanish they have different words that they use for tools. Now, I know what you are thinking. This is just crazy and yes it is, but that is just the Latin way.

So, back to the cross referencing with those websites mention above. What I discovered was they have several names even in Mexico for the same tool. This led to to more confusion, however at the end I was able figure out the names of the tools. Below, you will find an ebooks in PDF, so you can download them at your will. I must note that the ebook listed is being updated as I go along, so keep checking back to see if a tool that you do not know the name of is listed.

*this article has been edited several times because I later found out more information about the names of the tools.
* I also have changed the name of the document to a "Translation Guide" instead Dictionary.

If you should want to help me on the translation part in any way shape or form, do not hesitate to contact me.

English to Spanish Version

Download the English version here

Spanish to English Version

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  1. tienes varios errores en la traduccion

    1. Por favor dígame cuáles , para que pueda corregirlos

  2. This is very much satisfied by the different info in this article. All the contents too good, can be very helpful for us. I love reading new post and I am always searching for helpful information like this.

  3. Thank you Spanish Translation! I do not know why but blogger did not inform me there was a comment that needed a moderation. I believe I have figured it out, but who knows.

    I have been working on an updated version that will include several new things like oils, woods and some miscellaneous items. If you have read any of my other stuff then you will know that I haven't been living in Queretaro, but traveling. However there will be an article coming soon that will help clear up the confusion. Thank you for your support!

  4. Aquí algunas correcciones y nuevas traducciones.

    Router plane - Rebajadora/fresadora manual
    Tongue & groove plane - cepillo de machiembrado
    Ovolo plane - cepillo para moldura "ovolo"
    Ogee molding plane - cepillo para moldura curveada
    Cabinet scraper - raspador plano, cuello de cisne o curvo
    Miter saw - Serrucho de inglete
    Hacksaw - Segueta/arco de corte
    Saw files - Lima metálica (musa, bastarda, triangular, media caña, redonda)
    Mortising chisel - formón para mortaja
    Paring chisel - formón de escopio
    Wood lathe chisel - gubias de madera para torno
    Framing square - regla de inglete
    Sliding bevel gauge square - Escuadra falsa deslizable
    Tape measure - flexómetro
    Dividers/Compass - Compás divisor de punta
    Marking knife - navaja de marcado
    Ladder - escalera
    Pliers - pinzas
    Nail puller - extractor de clavos
    Vise grips - pinzas de presión
    Needle-nose pliers - pinzas de punta y corte
    Glue gun - pistola de pegamento
    Hand planner - cepillo de mano
    Drill press (Big) - Taladro de banco
    Router bit - Broca para ruouter
    Paint roller - rodillo de felpa
    Wire brush - Cepillo de alambre

    1. ¡La Guía ha sido actualizada! ¡Gracias por tu ayuda! Si usted quisiera que para mí atribuya su ayuda en la guía por favor hágamelo saber.

      The Guide has been updated! Thank you for your help! If you would like to for me to attribute your help in the guide please let me know.

  5. Gracias por la informacion! Necesito actualizar el libro

  6. Avísanos cuando esté listo para descargarlo.

    Mil gracias