My Gringo Workshop Project Part 2.5

June 29, 2015

When 3 is too much and 2 is too little

 Why am I writing part 2.5 as opposed to part 3? Well,I wanted to take some time to point out several things that I may have insinuated and update some points.

The article was not written to point out the mistakes of the fine woodworking, but to illustrate the inaccuracy of information. When the press writes up the information without writing about the complete picture, I am in no way trying to point a finger and yell ”Look!”, but to say, why only show a glass half full? I simply became intrigued by the tool list mentioned,as well as the prices and what was recommended by the author to set up a workshop.  

I also wanted to take the time to discuss my final conclusion. I pointed out the 1% increase year over year was not to bad. I stated several times in the article that the vacuum may or may not be equivalent, so I decided to remove the item from the list and see how much of an increase it would have made. The number turn out to only increase by .33% a year. Still not half bad! But hey, let me know what you think?  

Also, if you are reading this post from outside of America, because that is where the prices come from, please post some of the prices and manufacturers in your country. I can say that I would be most interested the price comparison and recommendations 

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