My Gringo Workshop Project Part 3

February 19, 2016

Woodworking tools collection

Well, I was supposed to have written this post several months ago, but in my last post "Retooling", I briefly talked about moving forward, but I have to go backwards, and finish up some of my other previous segments.

In this post, I will be talking about how much it would cost in terms of hand tools to outfit a workshop based on a tools list from I stated in Part 2, that I would also include the, but after some consideration, I decided to keep this post short and sweet.

Let me say, first off, that I am partial to Veritas tools. I just love them for their feel and look. Now, here are my results:

Budget for a basic workshop (hopefully)

As you can see the price of using hand tools is quite a bit cheaper than the fine woodworking article. About 2,300 dollars cheaper! That is enough to purchase the wood you would need to build your workbench and start a few other projects. His list also adds things like clamps, squares and honing stones, whereas the fine woodworking article did not. If I were to buy all these tools today, I would be ready to start woodworking tomorrow. In the previous article, I said I would not be able to start right away without having things like clamps and a tape measure. Personally, I would need to add a bandsaw, because I could not woodwork without one.

Now, before I write up part 4 to finish this series. I am going to be go a step back and a read a book on Sketchup. This is going to allow me to design my work space, if I should ever settle into a place long enough to build it. Also, I will be posting a couple of other articles, one of them will be on a woodworking school/workspace in Taipei and the other one will be about a woodworking museum in Sanyi. So stay safe, and if you have time, keep checking back.

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