North America Woodworking Wrap-up

April 30, 2017

I wrote this article up many moons ago, but I am just now getting ready to because I have been busy with my building a workshop and other things.

Is it time for woodworking clubs to upgrade? 

Before I get into what my thought are on the question above. Here is the list of woodworking, woodturning, woodcarving, scrollsaw clubs located in North America. This list is the most comprehensive list on the internet period! It took me a lot of personal time to look up this information, and my hope that it will benefit all of my fellow woodworkers.

Here are some of things that I found out after searching endlessly.
  1. Is there a difference between a club, guild, association and this one really had me laughing at times Symposium?
  2. I found that some places had two clubs named the same thing. It makes me think about a webpage (resource) that has updated information that someone can look through. Perhaps, a facebook or Google+  group that allows anyone to post their woodworking club announcements. (see below because I created them)
  3. Some clubs did not mention that they were a club,guild, association or symposium.
  4. Some groups it was like they did not want to be found. Meaning the location of where the group wasn't on the front page. It was buried in the webpages. 
  5. There were a couple of groups that did not have website or anything for that matter.
  6. When it came to where the meeting is. They would state that the meeting would be held at the school behind the barn of neighbor Bill. I kid you not!
  7. Is it Woodturning or Wood Turning? Is it Woodcarving or Wood Carving? How should these be spelled?
I would say a lot of the websites needed to be updated. They looked like they have not been updated since the 1990's. About 99% did not have any social media presence on their webpage.

Which brings me to the question at the top. Is it time for woodworking clubs to upgrade? My answer is YES!

My reason to answer yes to this question is one that is derived from such as this blog.  Many of you may not know this, but my website is ran off of Which means I do not pay for hosting because google is hosing my site. The template I use is free for the website. Facebook, Google+, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram are all free as well. The only thing I pay for is the domain name which is $10 a year.

It does not have to stop there with your woodworking club.  Many of the clubs have workshop spaces and this is beneficial to woodworkers that do not have some of the tools or access.  However, recently many people are going back to their roots in terms of being creative. Is it time to take the woodworking spaces and turn them into makerspaces?

I realize that many of the woodworking clubs are ran by traditional woodworkers that may not have a lot of time on their hands. Which brings me to the point above about turning them into makerspaces. Generally speaking, makerspaces bring in a lot of youthful energy, artist, inventors, web creators. This is where it could benefit the woodworking clubs.There aren't that many makerspaces around yet...

Is YouTube and Facebook live the new online woodworking club direction?

Perhaps... Over the past couple of years I have notice more and more woodworkers that YouTube hold a weekly YouCastubers with other Youtubers. Now, I have tried to watch several of these and just can't seem to muster enough enthusiasm to sit and watch for up to 60 minutes. Yes I am talking about you Fine Woodworking!!!!

Updated June 2017:

I have created several new facebook and google + woodworking clubs pages. So, where ever you live you can tell us about your woodworking club and post your upcoming meetings . If you are looking for the most comprehensive North America Woodworking Clubs list on the internet then go here
North America Woodworking Clubs

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