Woodworker's English to French Translation Guide

June 05, 2017

Welcome to the second translation guide! Why would I create another translation guide? Well... I got a little more attention than I had originally thought on the Woodies Guide. I am receiving suggestions from other people that my translation of tools were incorrect. The attention that I was getting got me thinking if this is helping people then perhaps I need to create other languages to keep the conversation going. That's when I decided to do a translation guide for the following languages: French, German, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic. So each week I will attempt to complete each one until I am finished.

In deciding to do this, I also decided to update the front cover to spruce up the look. All the guides will have the same look and feel. All the translations came from Google Translate. If you are thinking that why would I do this? I did this because I wanted you the woodworkers in that either live there or speak French to help with this translation guide. I know Google Translate isn't all the time correct, but they do provide a starting point. Which brings me to my point... Lets help each other here by providing better woodworking translations.

Below you will find a downloadable copy and a view-able online copy.

Download the English to French Version here

Download the French to English Guide here

Be safe and keep those fingers away from those saw blades!!!

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