Woodworking Magazines Wrap-up (Incl. Free ...)

August 20, 2017

Hello again,

This article picks up where my previous article left off at. I will be informing you what was some of my findings.

So, lets start with FREE because who doesn't want free e-books and magazines, right?

  • The first one is Google Books. I can locate a lot of books and magazines that you can read for FREE.
For Example: American Woodworker 

If you know the title or ISBN then give it try here.

If you are computer savvy and would like to keep the download on to your computer for reference then go to this website.

  • The second one is Survivor Library and Archive. They have a ton of old books and magazines that have been retired or out of print. 
Topics like:
  1. Construction
  2. Carpentry
  3. Carving
  4. Furniture
  5. Magazines
  6. And much more
    • The third one might take some of you by surprise. A lot libraries have gone digital and because of this we can take advantage of easy to download woodworking books and magazines. 
    For example, in my city in the USA I have access to the following magazine subscription:
    1. The Family Handyman
    2. Woodworkers Journal
    3. Woodcraft
      I looked up the Auckland public library and found that you get these ones:
      1. Australian Wood Review
      2. Popular Woodworker
      3. Wood Magazine
      4. Woodcraft
      5. Woodworkers Journal
      If your are interested in seeing if your library has e-magazines available in your area of the world, then go to google.com and type in the following "city where your reside/near" + "rbdigital". For example: Toronto rbdigital

      • The fourth one is most woodworking magazine websites that are from the USA and Canada gave free e-books and plans just from signing up to their website.
        For those of you that are curious as to which ones I am subscribe to. Here are the ones I am a member of:

        1. Popular Woodworking
        2. Woodworkers Journal
        Here are the ones obtain through my local library for FREE:

        1. Family Handyman
        2. Woodcraft
        I subscribe to these subscriptions, because I feel the give the most bang for your buck.

        In conclusion, I felt that all woodworking publication that providing content to us woodworkers around the world could do a much better job. Here are some of things I would like to see, but probably never will.

        • Add a translate button to all woodworking magazine websites. My reason is that it would allow all of us in the world to see and understand what other woodworkers are writing about. It would also give people from other nations the ability to subscribe to the magazine.

        • I would like to see better websites! Some of them had very little content and they looked very outdated.

        • Better pricing for some! I find that paying near 80 Euros to damn bloody expensive!

        I hope I didn't bore you to death with all this information! However, I feel that the more resources we have, the better decisions we make on how not to throw our money away, because lets face it saw blades are not getting any cheaper!

        Safe safe and keep those fingers away from those saw blades!

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